Out of the Blue


feet and flowers


Hello everyone

Well, it’s finally happening! I’ve chosen this rainy and chilly afternoon in the Blue Mountains to announce the arrival of my new bouncing baby blog. About blumming time too!’ I hear you all say. I know, I’ve been banging on about this for a very long time. After much thought (some may say procrastination) about whether the world needs another blog, if I have time to write ‘fun stuff’ when I write for a living and of course, ‘what the hell would I write about anyway?’ Time to grasp the nettle, stop looking for excuses and to get typing.

Those of you familiar with my Telopea Services Facebook page will be aware of my love of all things colourful, creative and clever, especially if it has a connection to the Blue Mountains.  I feel so lucky to be living in the  ‘Mountains surrounded by amazing scenery and a dynamic arts community.  Thanks to the creatives in the Mountains there are so many wonderful things to brighten up grey and drizzly days. We are fortunate to have so many galleries, cinemas, bookshops, arts centres, theatres – as  my old boss at Penguin would describe it  ‘an embarrassment of riches.’ I have met so many fantastic artists, musicians, filmmakers, ceramicists, graphic designers, writers, jewellery makers, milliners, photographers etc. who are inspired by the gorgeous place we live in.  I think it’s time to spread the word about the people who share their creative talents with our community and beyond. So, I have a cunning plan… every week I will be introducing someone special to you who has added colour, fun, melodies, tastes and textures to the my world.

Most of these peeps will be the Mountain-dwelling variety but every now and then I will hit the Great Western Highway for a chat with someone who has been working on something fab in Sydney and beyond.

I will invite you to share the posts and of course visit, view, read, buy or experience their work.

So make a cuppa, find a comfy spot. I’ll be back with our first special guest very soon.

love and choc tops,